Sweepstank is a monthly subscription service you can use to help you run contests and polls on your web site. You may also use it for free if you're happy with the limited functionalities the free plan provides!

You may register and play around for free and when you're confident with the system you may switch to a paid plan from your Settings screen.

Note that we never auto-charge you. You will add funds to your Wallet with single one-time transactions whenever you decide to do so. We will be sending you email alerts if we notice that you're running out of funds. It's up to you to add more funds in your Wallet. Note, that any active campaigns will be auto stopped, if you run out of funds.

We will do a full refunds in cases like:

  • You added too much funds in your wallet and then you decided it wasn't what you had in mind.
  • You added funds in order to upgrade your plan, but then you decided to downgrade and you haven't used the higher plan for more than 1 hour total runtime of campaigns.

We will do partial refunds in cases like:

  • You used our services for some time during the current billing period and you have funds in your wallet but you want to quit. In such cases we may work out a deal where you get partial refund for the billing period that is left.
  • If Sweepstank experienced major outage that impacted your campaigns, we would issue a partial refund or credit to your wallet.

Note, that the success of your site contest will depend on your ability to promote your campaign. Sweepstank provides the tools of the actual campaign, not for the promotion of it. We do not refund or provide credit for a site contest or a promotion that did not meet your expectations and did not performed well.

We do not refund amounts for passed billing periods during which you had more than 1 hour total campaigns runtime per period and a fee was taken out from your wallet.

We will not refund amounts from promo codes and any other sources (including Sweepstank credits), different from actual online credit card or PayPal transactions.

Paypal's or other transaction processor's commissions are not refundable and will be deducted from the refundable amount, including the processor's commission of the actual refund.

Of course, each case is different. Don't hesitate and email us at and will get back to you ASAP!